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What's different about our software development company?

Our engineers have a passion for design and user experience.

We believe software development is an art first, a science second. Software development relies on principles of design, communicating ideas to an audience. You may be the smartest scientist in the world, but if your ideas never reach an audience, you have failed...

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Syragon LLC is a software development and engineering company.

Syragon offers several services: SEO, application development (web and mobile) and graphic design. We focus on the latest technologies, such as HTML5, Google V8/Dart, Agile development, Hadoop/Plasma, Cloud Computing and more.

From 2003-2008 we specialized in providing high-integrity web-based paperless EMR solutions for clinics, pharmacies, doctors and other types of health-system users. Our experience within the medical field is broad and ranges from pharmaceutical business (MedCenter Canada), medical devices and high-touch care (A major Fortune 100 healthcare company).


Our founder was one of the original founding staff of, the largest online art community. We are connected to the best creative talent.

Through our full-time and contract creative abilities, we take pride in our ability to create quality branding, logos, designs and more.


"Syragon has been an outstanding contributor to global e-health projects developed by my group. Syragon has provided very high level architectural designs and implemented complex medical web-based applications. Syragon's work has been of the highest quality and Syragon has delivered results on-time and exceeding our expectations. I highly value Syragon's work and dedication.."
November 6, 2009 - Yuri Quintana, Director, St Jude Children's Hospital


Service after the sale is what matters! Our team is available 24x7 for emergency requests, and we won't rest until you are happy.

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